Anna Nagle

About Anna Nagle

Anna Nagle is an artist, teacher and healer living in West Wicklow. She ┬áhas been involved in Holistic Healing for the past twenty years; working through Bodywork Counselling, Stress Management Workshops, and teaching and learning ‘A Course in Miracles’. Anna believes in the Divine Intelligence within every human heart to heal, be free of the past, and thus experience Happiness in the Present. Anna is founder of The Willow School of Art, using Spontaneous Painting and Creativity as a transformative path to Wholeness.

‘My intention is to share with others the Peace and Joy I have found through gifting myself with the time and space to embrace all of what comes forward for my attention through spontaneous creativity. The experience of Transformation Art is as individual as the participant-this is a wonderful tool of personal development as well as a stress buster and reminder to live in the Present’.